Grand Theft Auto IV

"Unique game simulation about the world of criminals"

Grand Theft Auto IV is the latest game in a long standing, widely acclaimed and controversial franchise. It was created by Rockstar games North in 2008 and is the most popular amongst all GTA games. It introduces many new concepts to the game, a darker and serious tone and the same fun and addictive gameplay as the rest of the GTA games. Set in modern times, the game tells a story about Niko Bellic, an exiled Balkan ex-military veteran, and his brother Roman as they try to achieve their dreams and hopes in a land of opportunity and decadence. Grand Theft Auto IV uses a new and powerful RAGE engine which has detailed graphics, high-quality textures, rendering effects and the ability to quickly process huge amount of data that enable short loading times on PC and consoles. Even though the first GTA game was the creator of a new sub-genre of video games, many GTA clones have appeared during the last decade. But this game, just like previous ones in this franchise, manages to stay one step ahead of competition. It featured strong story plot and character development, along with the more mature look and feel of the game. Gameplay concept is unchanged: player completes main and side jobs while discovering the game's plot. There are tons of additional content, challenges and activities in the game that make GTA 4 very fun, immersive and a long game with over 30 hours of gaming time while only playing the main story. It also includes multiplayer which supports up to 16 players on consoles and 32 players on PC, as well as the Social Club, a program on PC version which enables making in-game videos and sharing them with the gaming community. On the other hand, some of these new ideas could have been better implemented. The In-game mobile phone mechanic is more irritating than it should be, with player's contacts calling and demanding favors at the worst times, such as in the middle of challenging missions. Also, the PC version was plagued by poor graphic optimization at the time of release that was unplayable on all but the most powerful gaming computers. The implemented and unavoidable Social Club program that comes with the game is known for choking system resources and RAM memory and cannot be shut down while the game plays. Then there is the problem with very rigid and intrusive SecuROM DRM protection for PC versions. In the end, Grand Theft Auto 4 is a very impressive and ambitious game that continues to surprise and captivate gamers of all ages around the world.

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